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INTERCORR is the largest international event on corrosion held in Brazil, which brings together the technical and scientific community of universities, research institutions, companies and professionals in the field of corrosion, providing a wide exchange of knowledge and experience.

Our primary purpose is to motivate the exchange of information and to disclose several types of recently-acquired knowledge on corrosion studies and its most diverse forms of control and prevention. Thus, experts, managers, advisors, engineers, technicians, scientists and scholars, involved in various sectors directly or indirectly connected to the control of corrosion and its preventive measures, are expected in the INTERCORR 2016.

INTERCORR has stood out as a reference for the industrial sector development, becoming an excellent scenario for companies from different segments to present their technologies, disclose their brand and provide their business with visibility – in addition to increase relationships and knowledge.

Events - INTERCORR 2016

  • 36th Brazilian Congress of Corrosion
  • 6th International Corrosion Meeting
  • 20th Photography Contest of Corrosion and Materials Degradation
  • 36th Exhibition of Technologies for Prevention and Control of Corrosion

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